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Monday, November 26, 2007

Have you seen this girl?

Last seen in Van Wert, Ohio in 1994.
Some witnesses speculate that Taryn was abducted - only to discover she was actually home. Others believe her love of video games encouraged her to move under the earth to beat the Zelda and Final Fantasy series without interruption.
Still, the most common theory is that she was deemed "too beautiful to look upon" by the out-of-work gods of Greek mythology and taken up.
The most outlandish claims place her in L.A., in the land of "beautiful people". These witnesses were given a tox screen...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Eugene and the Sun Tanned Dragons

Or, more conveniently abbreviated to "The STD's" as Robert pointed out. Thanks Robert.

My band.

This band was started in Minnesota in my 17th/18th year of life. It has never actually performed… with me in it. Matt stole the name once and had the nerve to invite me to the show.
The plan originally was to perform at the talent show. I invited in Staubs, Asli, Nicole and Caroline I think. Oh, and Becky and Amy. They all invited in more friends until the band reached around 17 people… I then disbanded the band. The purposely hideous lyrics I had written were not meant to be sung by a chorus; it would have been like too many people telling a joke and then the joke gets lost and gets irritating. No, Caroline, myself and Asli were going to sing, Staubs would do the drums, Becky on the trumpet, Amy on the flute, Caroline doing some guitar as well, and Nicole was going to stand in between two cardboard cut outs of dragons and represent the male name of Eugene. Terrible, but in a good way.

Now the thought is to bring back the STD's with Robert, Matt and me. Robert would like his stage name to be "Flameshine Syphilis". I don't know what mine will be, Moonpower Crabs? I'll let Matt come up with his own, though I like "Starbright Chlamydia".

I've already picked out the album cover:

What genre of music are we going to perform? Why can't we tackle them all? Tackle them all and mush them together in a body bag.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things are swell

I haven't posted here in a bit...

I am excited to report that I have a new place to live and a new roommate. We move in December 1st to the lovely land of Sherman Oaks. We've got wood floors, ample closet space, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, air conditioner in each room and living room, brand new stove, dishwasher and built in microwave… all for more than my mother pays on her house. Ah, California. If we are allowed to paint then I am going to paint; grand, grand plans.

I signed for this myself, which was a big deal considering mother has been managing student loans and other expenses since I was a wee one. Sure, I got the place on my own in Duluth… but that is Duluth. The L.A. area is not as friendly and not as inclined to give you a place based on your vibe. I got this based on credit, more concrete than my vibe. The sites to check credit are more reliable, you don't run across many apartment complexes with a staff palm reader.

Tiffany, my roommate to be, has been getting me out more. I went to a great party with Middle Eastern food last night. There was fun music with some Jewish folk dances. I danced, good for me. Tiffany told me I had to dance because I "looked like those people". This is also why I am going to start taking Spanish lessons because I occasionally "look like some of those people too"?

My current book is moving along well. Things are rather positive here. My mom may fly out for the next weekend to help me pack and get ready. It will be nice to see her again, especially since I am not sure if I will have time home for X-Mas if I switch jobs.

Right, personal update blogs always seem so clumsy to me. I've fulfilled my obligations of talking about me. I promise to post something completely unrelated next.

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