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Claire is a Midwest raised published writer and producer with a background in theater and literature. Claire is based in Los Angeles where she graduated from The New York Film Academy's one year screenwriting program. Most recently she produced the indepenent feature filmTHE GROVER COMPLEX, written by and starring Fernando Noor. She's the writer of the student thesis feature JEFFERSON, directed by Karen Bullis, and the creator and producer of the award-winning web-series DELAYED TEEN ANGST.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


And here we go.

So much has happened since I posted a million years ago.

The Grover Complex is edited. Now it's into sound, music, and color correction. Pretty damn exciting. I sound excited, don't I? True, there's a lack of exclamation marks that usually indicate excitement but that's just because I'm too exhausted to push the shift key for them. Honestly, the shift key may be banished all together in a few minutes and you'll find no more capitalized letters. Thank goodness Microsoft Word does it for me sometimes…

For those not involved in the movie industry it's really hard to explain the work that goes into the project. We've been working hard on this since May 08. Pre-production started around May, shot in October and we'll be done with everything right around the May 09 mark. A whole frickin' year… and that's a pretty good pace for an independent film.

I'm helping to rewrite a script as a side job as I continue to work on my own piece. It's hard to find the time. I'm also not getting a free weekend to shoot the shorts I wanted to do and my gorgeous actress and potential gaffer is back in India. That felt negative. Huh.

The web series should be up soon. Karen is revisiting Jefferson, the other indie feature we did before Grover.

I've been dating my best friend, Fernando, for a few months. He's still my best friend, imagine that.


That's all for now.

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