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Claire is a Midwest raised published writer and producer with a background in theater and literature. Claire is based in Los Angeles where she graduated from The New York Film Academy's one year screenwriting program. Most recently she produced the indepenent feature filmTHE GROVER COMPLEX, written by and starring Fernando Noor. She's the writer of the student thesis feature JEFFERSON, directed by Karen Bullis, and the creator and producer of the award-winning web-series DELAYED TEEN ANGST.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An opportnity missed.


Last night we watched a Sundance darling involving Mexicans crossing a river.  It also had gang violence just to make it that much more Mexican.

Fernando, (a Mexican), was unmoved by the film.  For me, I thought it was perhaps a language barrier since I'm an ignorant-one-language-only-American.  Fernando, (a Mexican), (also a native Spanish speaker), was still unmoved by the film.

When we looked at a few more film festival sites to see what trailers they had posted we saw many more Latin Films dealing with river crossing and poverty.  All we could think was, "If only The Grover Complex had some sort of river crossing or poverty."  I mean, we already have Fernando, (a Mexican) in our film, if we had Grover cross a swimming pool or something like that maybe we could have made Grover into a true Latin Film.

Sadly, festivals don't seem to fill their ethnic quotas with Mexican Americans.

A Poetry Update

I'm happy to announce that two of my poems, "Proposing to a Young Man with a Ring Pop" and "1-800-Flowers" will be appearing in an issue of the poetry magazine "Breadcrumb Scabs".  http://www.breadcrumbscabs.com/current.html
The magazine is available in print.
I'll be sure to update with further details!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A decision

"...But what I really want to do is direct..."

Which is what I've now decided I am going to be doing. 

Basically, what I want to do is write, direct and produce. Sometimes I want to act as well but I'll never tackle all four at once.  I can show SOME restraint.

I have a writing seminar this weekend and a film-making seminar in a few weeks. I've been feeling optimistic for the first time in a while.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Concerned for Americans

Some people on YouTube believe The Onion news stories are actual news stories.  Several people who were upset by this asked the confused to please go jump off of a bridge.  They were given "thumbs down" on their comments.  I hope the people who gave "thumbs down" on the "jump off a bridge comments" find themselves living next door to the people who believe The Onion videos are real very soon. 

Friday, September 4, 2009


An art form that the privileged and pretentious use to try to prove that something in life has indeed happened to them.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Behold! A hedgehog warrior!!!!!!!!!!!

The fires

I'm going to blame the smoke and ash for having nothing to say today.  Honestly I have a nasty headache.  I don't get migraines very often since leaving MN but today and maybe creeping in yesterday... ouch.  Ouch.

It's like someone turned off half of my brain.

I will let this Onion video speak for me...

Californians Gather To Celebrate Annual Wildfire Tradition

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