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Claire is a Midwest raised published writer and producer with a background in theater and literature. Claire is based in Los Angeles where she graduated from The New York Film Academy's one year screenwriting program. Most recently she produced the indepenent feature filmTHE GROVER COMPLEX, written by and starring Fernando Noor. She's the writer of the student thesis feature JEFFERSON, directed by Karen Bullis, and the creator and producer of the award-winning web-series DELAYED TEEN ANGST.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Triumphing over sperm

My friend sent me a text message on Mother's Day. It was a "Happy Not Mother's Day" note. Indeed, it is happy. I patted my abdomen and smiled at the hollow sound it made.

I got to thinking, as I often do, just how much of a winner I truly am. How much sperm is in each ejaculation… how often have I had sex… let's not do any numbers here. BUT, I've thwarted their sinister purpose every single time. I am a champion. With the help of contraception I am a sperm slayer!!!

Know this----

There is no prize waiting for you in my fallopian tubes… only DEATH.

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