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Claire is a Midwest raised published writer and producer with a background in theater and literature. Claire is based in Los Angeles where she graduated from The New York Film Academy's one year screenwriting program. Most recently she produced the indepenent feature filmTHE GROVER COMPLEX, written by and starring Fernando Noor. She's the writer of the student thesis feature JEFFERSON, directed by Karen Bullis, and the creator and producer of the award-winning web-series DELAYED TEEN ANGST.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Ah, Christmas time. Even through my persevering lack of Christianity, I do enjoy X-Mas. This year was my first Christmas away from home, which was sad. It was made easier, however, by spending time with my fabulous friend and roommate, Tiffany. I wasn't bombarded with the constant, "feel sorry for me, I hate X-Mas, I need to ruin everything" negativity I had to deal with in L.A. last season. We made fun little plans and had Tiffany's uncle and his friend over for the holiday.

Tiffany and I made a turkey, which turned out wonderfully! We also made mashed potatoes, artichoke dip, salad and white chocolate peppermint cheesecake. Tiff's uncle brought homemade Mac and Cheese.

We decorated the apartment with stockings and lights. This table cloth we got on sale at Target added 5 years (in a good way) to our apartment. Even with the sun streaming through the window and the lack of snow there were moments when you did realize the fact that it was the end of December; a cold month.

I've been cold. But it shames me to mention it.

My family had a nice X-Mas it seems. They had 25 people over and did their traditional gift exchange. I've been promised pictures.

Other than that, things have been fine. We shoot our webisode the 11th. Fernando insists there is a way to make it an actual TV-show, but I still have yet to see that. Not because I don't like it… I don't know. Short little bits, short and tasty little bits is the way I always saw it, so it's hard to change my view.

Again, things are good here. Still waiting for some things to come in the mail, but that is pretty common this time of year.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

Woe is me and possibly you…

Why such a down and dramatic title? Ah, pity me, pity me. This is how I do seek your attention for I have nothing else to offer other than my tragedy.

No. That's not moi…

I'm basically moved. There were some snags; things that shan't be mentioned. The new place is gorgeous and this makes me smile. The muscles that work a smile are sore from lack of use. You can fake it but sincere ones use more than half smiles partly pulled up with fingers.

If I say to the doctor, "I am not pregnant" and they still make me take a pregnancy test, should I be offended? I think so. I'm pissed. I want revenge.

Wood floors are wonderful. Sunlight is great. I think Angel the vampire was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder because he couldn't go outside. He should have bought one of those lamps that make the fake sunlight. Poor guy; his brooding could have been stopped.

I'm not pregnant, happy to say. I knew this already. Could have saved the lab some time…

The end.

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