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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An opportnity missed.


Last night we watched a Sundance darling involving Mexicans crossing a river.  It also had gang violence just to make it that much more Mexican.

Fernando, (a Mexican), was unmoved by the film.  For me, I thought it was perhaps a language barrier since I'm an ignorant-one-language-only-American.  Fernando, (a Mexican), (also a native Spanish speaker), was still unmoved by the film.

When we looked at a few more film festival sites to see what trailers they had posted we saw many more Latin Films dealing with river crossing and poverty.  All we could think was, "If only The Grover Complex had some sort of river crossing or poverty."  I mean, we already have Fernando, (a Mexican) in our film, if we had Grover cross a swimming pool or something like that maybe we could have made Grover into a true Latin Film.

Sadly, festivals don't seem to fill their ethnic quotas with Mexican Americans.

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Camden Carr said...

Great blog. Going to add a link to your site. Keep up the good work

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