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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An anniversary

The 12th was the one year anniversary of "The Grover Complex". One year ago we fired up the RED One camera and spent the next 15 days shooting a feature film. Kick ass experience. At the time I wanted to die/thought I would die from various stomach ailments brought on by severe anxiety but what I've learned from the entire situation has been priceless. I've encountered so many people I can count on and I'm grateful for that.

On this anniversary we actually did have some pretty encouraging news. When and if I can post it I'll post it. I'm not making something up… I just can't talk about it because it isn't officially real yet. Get it?

The day was pretty slow because of Columbus Day. I forgot about the holiday, I used to love it because I confused the name of the holiday with the city Columbus, OH that I lived next to when I was a wee one.

Last night I had a fabulous dream about training a T-Rex to be an ultimate fighter. Before he went into battle I painted him with a tiny brush using the paint I used on my table-top models back in MN. The painting of my T-Rex helped to establish trust between us. I trusted that he would go into the ring and kill various foes put up against him. He was a very cuddly dinosaur and I hope he comes back tonight.

I then had a dream I was given a large two bedroom apartment for no charge. Down in the parking lot of this apartment was a moving truck full of wonderful things from my past, furniture I hadn't seen in years, couches I remember from a house I left when I was 7. I was thrilled.

I have a pretty good memory when I want to. I know old phone numbers and addresses from the several houses I've lived in. 11 places now I think? This includes my apartments and college dorms in the mix. It might be more than 11... To get to the point of my comments about my memory I recently found the first house I lived in on Google maps and it was beyond depressing. My parents put in fabulous gardens in this house along with a picture window, new driveway, this adorable crab apple tree and an orchard of apples and pears. ALL GONE TO SHIT. I was enraged until I realized I left this place 19 years ago. I'm 26 now, I'm not the 7 year old who got to enjoy all of this. The strange thing though is that sometimes this place pops into my head clearer than the apartment I lived in for 2 years in MN. Or, even the houses I lived in in MN. When I have dreams of my childhood they're either in Worthington or the first house we lived in on Park Street in Van Wert, OH or our house in Albion, MI. For the most part I've seemed to have Mr. Cleaned MN from my mind. It used to make me sad but now I simply think it's to make room for things that are happening here.

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