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Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleeping pills

I had a really exciting dream last night where I had a new home in the sewer. For those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 fans you may know of the wonders I speak of. This wasn't a home of putrid water and rats, it was a place of luxury. When I turned knobs and levers new rooms opened that I could explore; these rooms were already decorated with the finest discarded junk money would not want to buy.

I was happy there exploring my endless stretch of pipes. Before I went to bed I was playing a video game where I was clearing nasty beings from a sewer, I guess I was making it safe for the citizens of the town to truly enjoy it. I attribute this wonderful dream to the sleeping pills I took before bed. Tonight I am taking more.

Fernando and I are going to try some meditations to help us live to be 100. Also to block out negative energy, stress, you name it. I'm hoping for this invisible shield of meditation power that halts everything unpleasant.

To aid more in blocking out negatives, Fern and I left Facebook a while back. I do "re-activate" every now and then to update things with good news but so far I've been pretty happy to be off. Am I a hypocrite by still staying on Twitter? Eh, no? It doesn't feel like the same kind of self-love. I don't feel myself drawn in to checking up on people I don't really enjoy.

A Raw Food Diet book came to the apartment Saturday. I did in fact order it. I am thinking about it. My cousin, Jerome, swears by the diet. I am inclined to trust Jerome because we are genetically more similar than friends I have. I will probably leaf through the book a few more times, put it away for two weeks and then try it for two days in the future. I'm looking forward to that.

I've finished two more writing pieces: a short story and a personal essay. Tomorrow or the next day (a few days after) I will put them into the mail and then wait a long time to hopefully hear that they will appear in print in several months. I'm still waiting for the other pieces that were accepted to come out. The wait between acceptance and print sort of kills a bit of the joy from every piece I've had published. It makes me miss smaller newspapers where I could send in an opinion piece and see it in that week. We're slowly learning patience.

I think blogging is the only place where you can safely have "I" everywhere. I hope it is.

My mother pointed out some delicious karma the other day. Since I had no part in this person's misstep, that they are now trying to expunge from their record, I can sit back and enjoy it without guilt.

People can play and play the victim but that doesn't mean they're believable in their part.

Yes, that previous sentence is connected to the sentence before; I wanted them on different lines for the effect.

The sleeping pills have really been taking a position of authority in these last few minutes. Tonight I'm hoping for something like in-air dragon fights for the theatrics that play behind my closed eyes.

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Michael said...

I have tried every prescription product on the market for insomnia and none of them worked; my cousin referred me to the web site narcomundo.com there I purchased a package of Somatize. I tried one serving and I was a sleep in 20 minutes and after using it for 3 nights I did not need it anymore. I am not joking!

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