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Friday, October 9, 2009

So... how's it going?

I like Twitter.  I was down on it for a bit a month ago until I actually figured out how it worked.  Imagine that.

People are friendly.  People are freindly on Twitter, people are friendly on Myspace.  Not so much Facebook.  Some people might disagree, go ahead.

Anyway, genuine interest for The Grover Complex and DTA has come from Twitter (and Myspace for Grover).  I figured I should update.

Grover has been doing well.  I say this after getting less than positive news from the monster festivals.  But, as it's been explained to us it's a teen comedy about a guy and his penis and it has no names... were we expecting a miracle?


But we've moved on from help from the Divine.

We're now going towards smaller more appropriate festivals.  We've also been talking to publicists.  We've received requests from people to review the film which is exciting.  We're a little back and forth on whether or not we should do this yet before we actually premiere...  I will keep you updated.  I will definitely let you know when we're accepted.

Regardless, the support we've received from people has been exciting.  We do get down on days when it feels like no one cares but thankfully a day or two later we can count on a boost from some unexpected source.

Has what we want to happen happened yet?  No.  But we're learning a lot and we're happy for that, lame as that sounds.  I'm being sincere there.

Several people on Twitter have asked if there will be a second season of DTA.  No.  DTA was a fun project with a great cast and crew but there will not be a continuation.

I do have another web-show that I'm working on getting going.  YES, in my previous post I said I wasn't doing web.  Now I think it might actually be the way to go with this project.  There's been a push to have longer episodes for web-series and this one would work very well in the range of 15-20 minute episodes.

I will talk endlessly about it when it happens.

Thanks to everyone interested! Very appreciated. :)

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