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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I only write here to talk about myself

I don't know. My updates here are really infrequent and are limited to what I am doing elsewhere. But… I'll try.

So, I've been looking into a lot of indie film organizations, screenwriter groups, and women in film groups to be a part of. I always pause about joining women in film groups or women in anything groups. Yeah, I do think we've got a harder road in some ways… but I think we sort of make that for ourselves, or I guess our relatives/influences help us make that for ourselves with various cultural histories/housewife plans. If you make it you should make it on your own merit, not because you're the poster child for some oppressed group. That being said, and those women in anything groups now being slightly insulted I wouldn't mind joining up.

I really gave a lot of thought to rewriting that paragraph or removing it but then I became worried I'd again have no blog entry.

We've been meeting with producer reps for The Grover Complex (that movie I produced http://pro.imdb.com/title/tt1330026/ …Yeah, I went there.) We have had positive reactions to the film but of course the comment that there are no stars in our feature. All I can tell them is that in a year there will be stars in our feature once they release it. All I can tell them is that in a confident voice, with a pleasant smile and strategic flip of my hair. Grover will not be denied. There was an offer to rep it but it was sort of a hidden offer to rape us and so we turned it down… sadly. Our other offer is contingent on us breaking into festivals which I feel confident we will do.

I've completed the first act of my screenplay. I have completed the first act of this script for about the 4th time. The 2nd and 3rd act have been repeated a little less frequently which is why there is not a finished script yet. I have been outlining, I have made notes, note cards, diagrams and other bullshit. I get other ideas while I write, ones that sadly stay hidden while I am doing the actual brainstorming. The sneaky motherfuckers.

So… so… there's this script which I am aiming to have a draft done by the 19th. Once I have a few drafts of this one I will finish my television pilot; it too has several versions of act 1. My other plan is to attend this weekly free acting class so I can become a better writer/producer/future director. I'm trying to get a scholarship to take another film class, either on producing or directing. I sort of need a screenwriting refresher but that's why I have Fernando, Mia, and Chad.


At the moment I have optimism which will hopefully be bolstered by a meteor shower. Streaks of happy light.

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