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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thoughts of wilderness survival

Fernando and I have given a lot of thought recently to wilderness survival classes. Maybe it's due to how Southern California is fairing economically, maybe it's a rebellion to too much time in front of a screen. Whatever it is we'd like to build a little shelter somewhere, hunt for berries, be bitten by bugs, the whole ordeal. We'd like to do it. I'm sure it's a phase and will leave us before we actually sign up for a class. Regardless it's good to know that we'd like to know what to do when the shit hits the fan.

We also watched the entire series of The Sopranos. Big smile. It was Fern's 4th time through. After watching The Sopranos we finished up Battlestar. I guess I'm a little confused by everyone loving the series finale of BSG so much. It was sort of like how much sappy emotion can we throw at our viewers? And also the question of can we make them ok with these tech savvy people joining the tribal communities of primitive man? They could not make me ok with it. I did not find it beautiful I found it ridiculous. I think the writers overstepped.

You can disagree with my thoughts here but I don't give a shit. Certain parts of that show… the last half of the series and then that whole earlier bit with the arrow and tomb… I don't know what to say about them. I think part of the mistake is that they repeat beats over and over and over again because they think the audience won't remember (or because they're really stretching in justifying a character's action) but what they don't realize is that we're not all idiots and that I can indeed remember on my own that event from last season or last show which they felt the need to reference four times.

If it's well written you don't need to remind me, if it is well written I will accept it.

Back to wilderness survival...



I just ate a trail mix bar so I guess that sort of puts me in the right mind set.

We went out to see the meteors tonight but LA made that a bit difficult. I tried, I squinted, I think I saw one? But we tried; the meteors know we made the effort and what more can one do? We drove on scary dark roads and parked on the shoulder, one of us would look for bright flashy streaks the other one would look for potential murderers, we saw neither.

Night night.

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